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Keep your Armadillo H2O handy for those times when you want to get out, go into the woods, and just be. Protect your personal hydration. We are all in this together. Be safe and Hydrate!

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Armadillo H2O: 

There’s Nothing Like It


Armadillo H2O is a protective shell that holds up to the challenge of protecting your personal hydration system. This high quality device is perfect for the outdoorsy type; ensuring that no matter the activity or treatment of your hydration system, you will have a reliable water source.

Our product is made from High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE); the same material used to construct hard hats. This protective shell keeps your water bladder from puncturing or leaking during transport, use, or accident; allowing you to remain hydrated without worry.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

I wore my hydration pack with armadillo yesterday for approx. 2.5 hours/ 11 mile ride. The hydration system itself was fantastic. I loved the twist cap and large mouth for filling up the bladder…. And the bite valve was on point. Overall, a great find.


“Protection At It’s Best”

In the military, we pack our bags so tight that we definitely have a need to protect our water source. The Armadillo is great for protecting the bladder from too much force. In a survival situation, this is invaluable.



Stoked to try my new hard shell hydration pack. It will be perfect for both climbing and multi day hiking trips…I like to lean on my backpack or use it as a pillow and now I won’t have to worry about bursting the bladder. Looks like it will be easy to use!


“Worked Great”

I am a hiker and runner as well as an obstacle course racer and hunter. I was excited to try the Armadillo because there are times I ruck. The hard shell worked great in my larger backpack. It protected my water from the weights I had in the pack.


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